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Dr Oz Garcinia Cambogia Review: Melt Fat Away Without Diet Or Exercise

February 8, 2013 10:41 am7 commentsViews: 3

clickbreviews.com Is Garcinia Cambogia the holy grail for weight loss? Featured on Dr. Oz show, this product have been tested and proven to drop fat fast without doing tons of exercise or dieting. The Garcinia Cambogia is packaged in tablet form and the way it works is by being an appetite suppressant and it also converts fat into energy. This will allow you to eat your favorite foods while still being a fat burning machine. If you have been struggling to lose weight, you should really give this product a try. Right now you can get a free bottle offer here: clickbreviews.com Many weight loss programs and supplements are mere gimmicks to make money. It’s important to find supplements that have been thoroughly tested, have proven health benefits results, and are natural. This is why many people have become interested in Garcinia Cambogia. Please like and subscribe to my channel here: www.youtube.com/user/themoviekid101 Keywords: Dr Oz Garcinia Cambogia, garcinia cambogia for weight loss, garcinia cambogia side effects, garcinia cambogia in hindi, garcinia cambogia benefits, garcinia cambogia reviews, garcinia cambogia plant, garcinia cambogia safe, garcinia cambogia extract
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Have you heard the hype about Garcinia Cambogia? Are you wonder if it is a new fat burner? Well check out this video to see what Dr. Oz has to say about it. goo.gl Read more about Garcinia Cambogia HCA at the website below… www.allaboutgarcinia.com
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Question by Parker: How long to see results with sensible exercise & diet plan?
I’m about 10lbs overweight, trying to fix that.

I’m undertaking a sensible diet: 1500cals max a day, low carb, high protein, lots of veggies.

I’m also running a few miles a day and doing arm muscles exercises…..in total maybe 1hr to 1.5hrs exercise/day.

How long to see results?

Thank you!!!!!!!


Best answer:

Answer by merari.hernandez@sbcglobal.net
well if ur doing arm exercises then u might gain muscle so dont do that just run 60min daily is okay…u should try Herbalife it really work u will lose wieght nd be healthy!

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  • How much should a bottle of this supplement cost me?

  • IS garcinia Cambogia available at GNC or Walmart?

  • how much weight can you lose with garcinia cambogia extract?

  • How do you pronounce garcinia cambogia??

  • Who is Dr Julie?

  • With that plan you should see results in a month at least.

    Take your time and don’t look in the mirror every day. Look every month unless you use a mirror to help you motivate while doing arms…

  • On average 1-2 lbs a week is healthy weight loss.

    My favorite cardio workout to shed off pounds is interval training and swimming.

    26 minute interval training on cycle or treadmill

    5 Minutes: RPE 3-4: Warm Up
    2 minutes: RPE of 5: Increase speed and/or incline from warm-up to slightly higher than comfortable pace
    2 minutes: RPE from 5-6: Increase the incline 1% every 15 seconds
    2 minutes: RPE from 6-5: Decrease incline 1% every 15 seconds
    1 minute: RPE: 8 Increase speed to fast walk or run
    2 minutes: RPE: 5 Decrease speed to recover back to a medium intensity
    2 minutes: RPE: 5-7: Increase incline 1% every 15 seconds
    2 minutes: RPE 7-5: Decrease incline 1% every 15 seconds
    1 minute: RPE 8: Increase incline to 5-10%, work as hard as you can (don’t kill yourself!)
    2 minutes: RPE 5: Decrease incline to 0% to recover back to medium intensity
    5 minutes: RPE 3: Cool down by walking at a comfortable pace

    5 Minute stretch out all your muscles especially calves and hamstrings

    I also recommend The APPLE PATCH


    Contains 3 natural ingredients:
    Garcinia Cambogia – hydroxycitric acid extract, which inhibits an enzyme called citrate lyase that helps turns excess carbohydrates into fat

    Guarana Extract – Seeds that contain caffeine to help increase energy.

    Fucus Vesiculosus – Brown seaweed, which stimulates metabolic rate, and promote weight loss.

    The patch uses a delivery method allowing the skin to absorb the elements within the patch at CONSISTENT levels over several hours. Unlike pills which must be taken several times a day, the transdermal patch method requires only a single application EVERY 3 Days. The patch is discreet and no one has to know you are on a diet.

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